Saturn V paper model (1:96)

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This projects attempts to develop highly accurate and detailed paper model of Saturn V SA-506 (Apollo 11) rocket in 1:96 scale. Originally, our intention was to provide some parts (LES, BPC, SM) for free and then continue the project on commercial basis. However, in January 2011, when the LES and BPC were finished and available, we found our project, particularly the time schedule, absolutely unrealistic and we chose to cancel it.
Later in 2011 we changed our minds once again and chose to try to continue, but at a slower rate. It is clear that our progress will be so slow and irregular, that it is impossible to continue the project on commercial basis. On the other hand, we still want to finish the whole thing someday. So, currently our project is non-commercial, all developed parts are and will be available for download. SM is now finished too and we hope that now and then there will be some progress.