Saturn V paper model (1:96)

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7-Feb-2019: Spacecraf - Lunar Module Adapter (SLA) finished and available

SLA is finished and available for download. Future of the project remains uncertain.

27-Dec-2015: Status of the project

For me, this project was for several years my main winter free time activity. However, recently I found another exciting winter hobby - Kaggle data science competitions. It started to be more and more difficult to manage both the activities. Last winter (2014 / 2015), in my Saturn V project, I only developed SLA model but I failed to find the time to build it. This winter (2015 / 2016) I found it impossible to continue in both Kaggle competitions and Saturn V project ... and I chose the Kaggle competitions to continue in. This election paid off quickly as I achieved success of my life, placing third in prestigious programming competition focused on interpretation of CERN's LHCb data. So, this winter, there will be no progress in my Saturn V project. In future, I hope to turn data science into my full time job and return to my Saturn V project again in my free time. However, meanwhile, the project is suspended again.

22-Apr-2013: BPC redesigned once again

Thanks to Marcin Bielecki, who shared some valuable resources about BPC, we were able to design a new, more accurate version of our BPC model. Finally we believe to have this subassembly properly modeled. Images of our final version of BPC are in gallery. The model is available for download.
Unfortunately, changes made in BPC affects too LES lattice. Our new BPC is no more compatible with our old version of LES lattice. You must use a new one (also available on our downloads page).

11-Jul-2011: Service module finished and available

When we canceled the project, our Service Module (SM) kit was designed. We then just failed to build it. In past weeks we attempted once again and it shows that it may be done. So, we are happy to announce that our SM kit is finished and available for download. Future of our project remains uncertain. We are not as sure as when we started. On the other hand, we are not as sure as when we canceled it.

02-Jul-2011: BPC crew door redesigned

We redesigned the crew door part of our Boost Protective Cover (BPC) model. The sketch available in Apollo Operations Handbook, Block II Spacecraft, Volume 1, Contents + Spacecraft description, page 1-38A, shows that our previous version did not model this part of BPC properly. Revised version of our model is available for download.

03-Jan-2011: Te project has been canceled

We repeatedly failed to build our Service Module kit. Regardless of this failure, our project consumes much more time and effort than we expected when we started and the result is not worth it. We feel that we cannot continue and we chose to cancel the project. We apologize for all the unfulfilled expectations.

23-Oct-2010: BPC finished and available, some bad & good news about SM

We finished Boost Protective Cover (BPC). We did not found any additional resources about BPC, which forced us to develop replaceable BPC model with resources at hand. Our BPC model is available for download.
With regard to Service Module (SM) there is one good and one bad news. The good one is that it will be free. The bad one is that it will be delayed. We hope to finish and make available our SM kit until end of December.

10-Jun-2010: Problems collecting BPC resources

Collecting drawings and photographs of Boost Protective Cover (BPC) proves to be more difficult than we expected. Details here.

02-May-2010: Summer pause began

During summer we will not continue with modeling. We plan to return to our project at the end of September. We are both road cyclists, so this pause will be dedicated mostly to our sport. However, Saturn V project will not be suspended completely. We hope to collect more resources necessary to continue with build. You may expect monthly reports about our progress in this section.

20-Apr-2010: LES lattice scratchbuild instructions available for download

The Launch escape system tower lattice scratchbuild instructions and set of detail parts is available for download.

15-Apr-2010: LES lattice images submitted into gallery

LES lattice

13-Apr-2010: LES lattice finished

One of the most challenging portions of our model, the LES lattice, is finished in acceptable quality. It has been very difficult do build the structure only from paper but it shows that it may be done. We plan to submit images into our gallery until end of this week (18-Apr-2010) and the scratchbuild report should be available for download until end of April.
LES lattice in low resolution

13-Apr-2010: Minor enhancements of our LES motor and skirt kit

We implemented some minor enhancements in our LES motor and skirt kit. The improvements are only marginal and they affects only instructions sheet and part No 11. Modellers that have downloaded previous version may not worry about the new one.

11-Mar-2010: LES motor and skirt available for download

First subassembly of our model, the Launch escape system motor and skirt, is available for download.

03-Mar-2010: LES motor finished

Yesterday we finished build of Launch escape system (LES) motor and skirt. This subassembly will be available for download around 15-Mar-2010. It remains to complete assembly instructions.
LES motor and skirt