Saturn V paper model (1:96)

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News: Problems collecting BPC resources.

What happens

So far we have not enough resources to develop Boost Protective Cover (BPC) model. There are some drawings and photographs available but they does not allow to develop model in desired level of detailedness and accuracy. We still hope to acquire some additional resources. If this our effort would fail, we plan to develop the model with replaceable BPC to allow future change of our BPC for something more detailed.

What resources we have

We have these resources:

What we are searching for

One or two sharp Hi-Res photographs showing details around crew door would be enough for us. We are searching for something as sharp and clean as the S69-15526 image is, but the image must show the same part of BPC as the 69-H-1055 image.

What we are doing for it

At the end of April we asked for help The Museum of Flight. We are very thankful for the advice they provide. The research is still in progress, so there is still possibility that they would be able to solve our problem. Similarly we asked for help Corporate historian of the Boeing Company. Again, the research is still in progress.

We are patient and very thankful for anything that people at Museum of Flight and Boeing are doing for us. However, we must take into account possibility that these resources will not be able to help us. Therefore we are asking for help readers of this site: If You have any advice for us, please write it to our e-mail